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Landing page e ottimizzazione sono gli strumenti necessari a raggiungere i vostri obiettivi di business

Indipendentemente da dove provengono i vostri visitatori, loro diventano clienti delle vostre landing pages. Più efficienti sono le vostre landing pages e maggiore sarà il numero dei vostri clienti.

The new ways of communication with customers

Landing pages should be part of every company's online arsenal. Well build, with appropriate context, clear message, promise and motivation this could be the heart of your online strategy.
Basically the landing pages represent non-generic entry point to a company website. Usually they are build to either a specific promotion or specific product/service offering.

landing page wheel

Why use Landing page?

Landing pages are an integral part of your digital campaign. Landing pages are used by companies to push the customers to perform specifics actions such making a purchase or submit e-mail adress.

Your customers will reach your landing page with a specific intention in mind –  for example: promotion, new model laptop or sale. According to marketing experts Landing pages are more effective in getting costumers to convert.
They are making business websites more relevant to specific searches and audience, a process increase sites organic ranking by indexing.


Keep it simple

For effective Landing page you should have clear idea what do you want your visitor to do and to provide an easy way for them to do it. Don't forget to answer to the questions: “What your company is offering?”, “Why would visitors will be interested in your offer?”, “What do they need to do to participate/purchase?”. Ensure that the major questions your customers may have are addressed in your Landing Page.
This essential information will assist you in creation of effective landing pages, that can foster conversion of potential clients quickly, or to have them take some action rapidly so you can to communicate with them later.
Without a good landing page, all of efforts spent by your company to increase the traffic to your website will be wasted since your site isn’t driving leads.

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