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Google Places

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Get on the Map so your clients can localize your business

Its happen. Fast. And its happened now. Marketing Share of Mobile-location based services (MLBS) is growing and its growing rapidly. According to latest survey by Juniper Research this social sharing service could drive annual profit to more than $12.7 billion by 2014. Location-based applications are extremely interesting for companies in order to allow consumers simultaneously to provide information about specific products, offer or to show where they are. That is more than valuable information for companies, because they can target customers with advertising of services related to their position.

google places
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New marketing channel

That's why is so important to get on the map using online marketing channels like Google Places.
If used properly this could get visibility and traffic to your local business and help you proactively to reach your customers and build a strong relationship with them. According to Google 97% of consumers search for local businesses online.

Google places allows not only to localize business position, but to write and read a review, comments or pictures, witch gives opportunity to the visitor get full idea of your company.
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