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Web Design

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Web Design, the process of communication between you and your costumers

We live in a visual culture. Knowledge, ideas, business strategies are often communicated visually. The graphical element of web design, and close relationship on the page itself, play a significant role in every website. Web design is not only about appropriate and pleasing graphics, impressing your visitors so much so they can easily forget why they visit your page. Web design is about facilitating the process of communication between you and your costumers. Balance between visuals and text is very important.


5 interesting facts

Statistics show that users will wait only 4 seconds to begin to see a page loading when they first visit a website; and only 20 seconds for the entire page to have downloaded in the screen. Any longer than that and they will hit the back button in the browser and leave.

Modern Web design was (sort-of) founded at M.I.T. In 1994, after founding the World Wide Web by Tm Berners-Lee. His site http://info.cern.ch/ is still active.

In the beginning Google founders didn’t know HTML and they wanted easy to load, clear interface. That’s how Google's interface was born.

Web Design, to build visual structures

If your page can't explain to a visitor "you have found what you search for" quickly, then you run the chance of losing that visitor. All SEO methods and web advertising in the world won't solve that problem. First of all design is about well build structure. The free flow of information. Well managed interaction.

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well - Brian Reed, Designer
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