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Seo for Bing

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Bing. We can try!

What is different?

Bing is official  Microsoft’s search engine, lunched at 2009. The main idea is to be different that Google with providing customers help in decisions making process, based on information and fast results. Bing is specifically designed to build on the benefits of today’s search engines and start to  move beyond this experience with a new approach to user experience, using interactive tools to help customers to make better decisions. This search engine is focused on four key main areas: making a purchase decision, planning a trip, researching a health condition or finding a local business.


Search Engine Optimization for Bing

We should not ignore the power of Bing, in the process of building our marketing strategy. Your company can try to run cost-effectively campaigns with Google and Bing simultaneously, and the results.
The team of Bing crawl a variety of content types , index that content, apply appropriate algorithms, and finally send relevant content to user queries in search engine results pages. The company is advertising Bing as a “decision engine” and aims at keeping searches simple and organized.
In those days Bing held steady at 14.1% of global searching and  was the only search engine to see its share  increase  2011, according to the latest comScore figures. Those numbers are considered by expert as sign for future potential of the platform.
The business spotted this potential and internet company SEO Positive unveils plans to launch its innovative Bing Pay Per Click management packages in the first quarter of 2012.

Why SEO for Bing?

- Bing seems to favor shorter URLs.
- Bing is better at making sense of and indexing Flash.
- Bing associates site rank with the age and size of a site.
- Bing created and easy version of their navigation panel. They added a second layer to the tabbed navigation.
- Introduced user controls and permissions.
- Coverage, performance, depth and latency of Bing's Index Tracker tool was improved.

 No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Bing. We can try!

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